Why We Built an App to Make Personalization Easier

The Wrench.Ai origin story involved a “Whoa, Nelly” moment in the summer of 2017, when we were a marketing agency—no notion of evolving into an AI startup anywhere in sight. We had set out to create a tool or app that could automate some of our manual data tasks. The objective was simple: “Let’s make our lives easier!”

In the process, we realized that we could share our objective with others because our pain points, as marketers, weren’t ours alone. We modified our objective: “Let’s make marketers’ lives easier!”

And we did it, only we built a platform. The concept behind the Wrench.Ai platform was/is to empower marketers to deliver meaningful personalization at scale. Our original goal—to automate and distill hours of client research into easy-to-apply end user insights—was our “development north star,” so to speak. 

wrench ai personalization at scale

The foundation of that north star, though, was a pain point we knew all too well: how do you pull key insights from a significantly-sized data set to launch a new product, and pair it with highly resonant outreach initiatives that engage, improve the customer experience, and ultimately convert? 

In our pain point-killing approach, it all starts with customer preferences. The Wrench.Ai platform uses deep learning and semantic analysis to detect customer preferences and product interactions in a data set (I’ll skip the technical workings, but reach out if you want to know more). this allows us to learn (pretty quickly), for example, what channels and types of communication are most likely to engage end users. 

That’s all great, but where do marketers store their significantly-sized data sets? A CRM. So we made sure the platform could easily integrate with one to pull insights as easily as possible. 

As of January 2, 2019 (as I’m writing that post, that’s yesterday) we are officially announcing our partnership with Iterable, a growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. 

In our business, we’ve dealt with a lot of CRMs, so I’ll leave it to Dan Baird, our CEO, to describe our collective feeling: “Iterable is one of the best CRM solutions for enterprises that we’ve seen and we’re proud to be integrating with them. The combination makes it possible for enterprise teams to generate personalization insights faster than ever before.”

Huzzah, friends. 

In the meantime, our demo is your demo. Curious about the Wrench.Ai platform, Iterable, or developing custom insights that fit your unique needs? Reach out to us. We’re happy to chat.

Gabi Barragan

Co-founder and CMO at Wrench.AI, where I oversee the planning and execution of internal marketing initiatives, provide operational leadership, and serve as project lead on client engagements involving strategy, branding, marketing, and content development. I champion a culture that upholds high quality, personal integrity, and excellence, but recognizes our human limitations and the need to laugh daily.

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