Optimizing Investor Leads: A Case Study

The challenge: Overcoming the constraints of time and budget

Upside Avenue, a real estate investment platform sponsored by Casoro Capital, a private equity and single family office firm, was launching soon and targeting retail investors for a Regulation A+ multifamily fund investment offering.

In building their lead generation strategy, the Upside Avenue team, led by Chief Strategy Officer, Joy Schoffler, knew it would have to build a leads database from scratch because it was addressing a new investor population. To begin the process, the team pulled contact information from their “inner circles” (close professional contacts, friends, and family members) to begin constructing the database.

With a list of contacts in-hand, team members needed to go through the list manually to segment leads and prioritize outreach efforts in order to make efficient use of their marketing budget. It was a good plan, but required a great deal of time–a resource the team didn’t have in spades as it ramped up for launch.

How could the team refine a list of of contacts into one that scored leads based on their conversion potential, quickly and efficiently?

The solution: Serendipity and smarter segmenting

Upside Avenue team members partnered with the Wrench.ai team to run their database of contacts through the Wrench app, which runs off a platform that uses a machine learning model to enrich data. Where possible, it adds information from social profiles and other publicly available data to augment a lead’s profile, which an be helpful when an issuer has only partial data. Additionally, it makes inferences to gauge a lead’s conversion potential, based on a specific product or service (in this case, Upside Avenue’s multifamily real estate offering) and assigns each lead a score.

The app’s ability to intelligently segment the Upside Avenue team’s leads database saved team members hours of research and manual labor, so they could focus on other priorities as they prepared for launching and prepping outreach campaigns.

“We were going to segment our leads manually, but using the Wrench app is a million times better. It saved us an incredible amount of time and helped us to quickly build a robust database of prospective investors, allowing us to understand who we need to target, when, and how. This way we can build marketing campaigns to engage with each segment appropriately, and that will make a difference in our conversion rate. Establishing trust with prospective investors is critical to what we do, and that can’t be automated. The app has made it possible for us to have more time to do that,” said Joy Schoffler, Upside Avenue’s Chief Strategy Officer.

As more real estate investment platforms have gone live with Regulation A+ offerings, sponsors have been keen to target individual retail investors, particularly those interested in diversifying their investment portfolios with deals of requiring accredited status.

Interested in learning more about how the Wrench app can work for you? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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