Getting Started Guide

Create a new account

Go to OR to create a new account. 

Create the required credentials when prompted, including name, email, company name, and password.

You’re account will send your confirmation code, once that has arrived, put it into the associated dialogue box, and click “Confirm”

Create (two) New Campaigns / Matchable Assets

For this step,this is in the case to test user knowledge against a category, or  in a situation where you have a new product launch, without historical data.

  1. create an entry describing the product. Provide a detailed description below. Include information about your products, services, competitors, and unique traits. The more category-specific language you use, the better.
  2. What is a campaign? A campaign is a promotional activity that promotes a product or service.
  3. What information should I add? To begin setting one up for success, we recommend you create two custom matches to kickoff your campaign process. For each, create industry and jargon heavy descriptions from 25-200 words in length. The more dense, the better.   
  4. Create a product match: this match type identifies leads on your list who are likely to highly correlate with you product, so you have a prioritized list of people to target. In the description provide some or all of the following:
    1. Product description, including the value proposition and benefits
    2. Competitor products
  5. Create a people-centric match: this match type allows us to get to know your leads, to begin forming a “sticky” messaging strategy. In the description provide some or all of the following for approximately 20 customers:
    1. Current customer job titles
    2. Current customer industries
    3. Current customer job functions
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Dan Baird

Dan is an innovation strategist and product manager that has developed software, crowdfunding platforms, consumer products, and launch strategy for both startups and some of the U.S.'s favorite household names. His value is in generating unique solutions by combining the strategic thinking afforded by an MBA in Global Branding with the creativity and grit from years as a bootstrapped entrepreneur. Dan's best work at the front-end of any platform innovation: trend analysis, insights, ideation, prototype and launch. Specialties: crowdfunding, innovation, branding strategy, Ai marketing, product management, cross-functional project leadership

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