AI and Data-Driven Personas



Provide business clients with automated classification of clients or contacts into meaningful and easy-to-describe marketing segments. The classification can be readily applied to existing clients or contact lists; and segment membership can be updated over time or applied to new clients or lists as part of regular or episodic events. The Personas provide a foundation for building campaign recommendations. A feedback loop can be integrated into persona updating to capture the impact of marketing performance on specific segments. Updated classification can take into account campaign type and projected performance at the individual level.

Personas captures the general the affinity between an individual’s personal description, and how a brand is positioned in the market; plus classifying the adoption tendencies of the individual with respect to the brand or product. The combination of brand affinity and where individuals are placed on an adoption curve enables marketers to align marketing initiatives more effectively.


  • persona reports summarizing and profiling each persona segment (usually 5-7)
  • account summary that profiles all clients and contacts
  • record-level labels for personas and profile dimensions to use in targeting solution

Primary Source Data

  • Record-level profiles/bios or related personal descriptions
  • Brand Statements
  • Persona profiling statements or words (e.g., triggers, events, channels, etc.)

Required Scores

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