Personalize Your Customers' Experience provides the deep understandings and critical insights that historically only “big data” teams and infrastructure enabled. This is done now just by connecting your Iterable CRM with without the big data teams or the big data costs.

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Case Study: Using AI for Segmentation and Personas

Segments and personas are generalizations representing groups of individuals. The primary difference between the two is that personas attempt to resolve a group generalization into a relatable character, into someone that has a name, a face, qualities that are recognizably human.

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Wrench.AI partners with Ideaship to scale personalization

Lead Scores

Definition Sales and marketing teams are always looking for ways to increase their leads and close more sales. One way they are doing this is

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Why behavioral data matters more than demographics.

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

Lifetime Customer Value Goal Provide a score for each existing customer that takes into account purchase history. The score incorporates purchase data that takes into

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