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We empower your marketing, sales, and support to uncover meaningful insights, build better relationships, and scale them—all without compromising users’ trust.


Program your marketing campaigns with pinpoint accuracy to improve weaknesses in adoption, while driving new audiences for your products through channel and campaign recommendations.


Supercharges your Sales and Support CRMs with more meaningful user insights, including segmentation, product scores, personality profiles, and outreach recommendations; the equivalent of 2-3 hours of research per prospect.


Our algorithms can generate prescriptions “out of the box”, and directly through your CRM, learning demographic and psychographic patterns to supercharge insights and reduce the need for PII.

Our Clients

We work across industries with enterprises dedicated to building meaningful relationships.  A few of our past clients and use cases include:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Copywriting and Creative
  • Salespeople
  • Support
  • New Product Launch and Innovation Strategy
  • R.I.A.'s Broker Dealers, and other Investment Professionals
  • Reg A+ and 506(b) and 506(c) Issuers
Products and Services
Serendipity: 1:1
Perfect Your Personalization with AI

Serendipity is a CRM research and relationship prescription service that cuts valuable of research from  sales and support opportunities. It uses a deep learning and an intelligent neural network to predict the ideal buyer’s experience, shorten the buyer’s journey, and drive and simplify customer loyalty through deeper relationships.

  • Get instantaneous CRM insights with factual enrichment and contextualized data points saving hours of manual research.
  • Offer the perfect product or pitch by using data-driven product lead scores that guide your product and cross-selling efforts.
  • Enhance person-to-person communication by getting the right leads to the right team and messaging strategy.
Investor Suite
Create Actionable Insights to Grow Your Investor Audience

Deepen your investor data through enriched public data on investors, investment professionals, and issuers. Easily prioritize and personalize outreach initiatives, matching the right investors and deals.

  • Easily add investor insights and partner marketing metrics to your CRM, segment leads, and predict investors’ accreditation status.  
  • Access a larger pool of institutional investors with an “offer match” score for each investor and deal, and enable 24/7 contact recommendations by deal.
  • Personalize your outreach with verified and probable investor life stage and product recommendations.
Parkour: Marketing Campaign Prescriptions
Make Your Marketing Segmentation and Messaging Smart

Parkour amplifies your data by “cleaning” it, filling in gaps, and adding new information; it also segments your contacts to prescribe who, when, and how to engage to maximize efforts

  • Predict the top messaging strategies for your product or offering, and the best ways to conduct your outreach efforts.
  • Get custom tailored channel and messaging recommendations to increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • As you convert prospects, feed new insights into your prediction model to validate and refine your process.
Featured Media

Greg Brown
Managing Director, NAI DiLeo-Bram & Co.; Registered Representative,

"I have been working with Dan, Gabi, and the team for a couple of years now. They produce some of the best marketing strategies I’ve seen when it comes to alternative online investing and product development. They combine their innovative approaches with a genuine spirit for collaboration, making them great partners. This to me is especially important, not having a background in sophisticated digital marketing. Their product, Serendipity, made it possible for me to fill in data gaps, segment and rank top prospects, and get modeled insights so I could prioritize my sales efforts, saving me time and money."

Joy Schoffler
Chief Strategy Officer, Casoro Capital and Upside Avenue

"The team was an integral component to our launch. Their expertise and experience in FinTech, digital strategy and marketing, and the investment space saved us months of man hours and helped us create a strategy and messaging which was targeted and compliant. It is rare to find exceptional marketers with deep understanding in their fields—however that is what you get with the team.”

Richard Swart
Advisor, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships,

“Wrench’s persuasion and campaign prescriptions produced an engagement rate for my outreach campaign that was 5x higher than industry averages, and a 16% response rate. Wrench technology has been integral to our company’s investor outreach strategy and success.”

Bridger Jensen
CEO , MindGurus

"the AI itself is so advanced! The powerful solutions It gave my company within minutes saved us from a year of AI development. Without a doubt, utilizing this platform was my businesses best decision this quarter."


Wrench.AI is not your typical fintech startup. It’s the result of merging a marketing agency specializing in equity crowdfunding and a software company committed to delivering simple, correct code. Wrench.AI’s goal is to make it easier for companies to harness the power of their data, automate manual processes, and optimize marketing efforts using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As more companies seek to figure out how to use advanced technologies to their advantage, Wrench.AI is uniquely positioned to address the tectonic shifts occurring across industries, particularly in commercial real estate and online investing. Curious to learn more? Let’s talk.

Our Founders
Dan Baird, Wrench.AI CEO
Dan Baird
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Kevin Edwards, Wrench.AI CTO
Kevin Edwards
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Gabi Barragan, Wrench.AI CMO
Gabriela Barragan
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Our Advisors
Marc J. Adesso
Counsel, Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis
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Garett Robertson
Partner - North America, Empyrean Advisors
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