Drive Growth Through Deeper Relationships

Marketing, Segmentation, & Campaign Recommendations

Wrench.AI distills your customer and campaign data into actionable insights for marketing and sales by answering: “Who” your customers are, “What” they want, and “How” to engage them.

Sales Enablement and Rev Ops is now creating direct sales insights that reimagine the way your distributors operate. We’re using AI to revolutionize onboarding, engagement, and retention 

  • Increase acquisition up to 10x over lists and 3x conversions over human-screening alone.
  • Uncover high potential contacts with 183% more accuracy than other CRM lead scores.
  • Grow savvier campaign strategies unique to your audience and brand from CRM, transactions, social media, and more…

Go To Market and Launch Strategy

Automates your segmentation, campaign recommendations, and launch process by taking care of all the quantitative “heavy-lifting” and giving you smart, optimized steps that yield faster ramp up, more sales, and richer customer insights. 

  • 3x+ conversions while lowering team and customer churn
  • Get 1-2 Months Additional Revenue in Year 1 with a launchpack with personas, campaigns, benchmarks and personalized insights  

12.5-25% Increase in SDR Productivity Net zero cost


Whether it’s CRM, eCommerce, behavioral analytics or a custom first party enterprise system, we can blend your data into third party data that let’s you make more insights with less effort.

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