Personalization AI for Marketing and Sales

Win More Deals By Understanding your customers, and what they want from you.

A I personalized marketing

AI & Data as A service

Use your CRM data to capture your ideal customers across channels

  • Demographics
  • Education and income
  • Psychographics
  • Behavioral insights 
  • Geographic information

Lead Scoring and AI Segmentation

Prioritize your hottest leads, and understand how to connect with them.

  • Messaging preferences
  • Omnichannel options
  • Buyer journey segmentations
  • Lead and brand scores

Product Recommendations

Identify which customers match specific promotions

  • First purchase 
  • Refills and subscriptions
  • Flash sales and discounts
  • Long-term customer value


  1. Join and render 1st party and 3rd party public data in a single usable environment.
  2. Extract universal raw signals from the unstructured data from varied and disparate data sources that can be trained on 1st party data.
  3. Combine universal raw signals into unique meta measures from which organization’s applications can be derived.

GTM Platform

  • Increase revenue in the first 12 months with campaign recommendations and messaging “prescriptions” 
  • Boost sales efficiency by converting opportunities by 3x, and lowering churn 
  • Increase sales productivity 12.5-25%, without adding additional costs


Optimize Campaigns with Data-Driven Personas, Segments, and Personalization

    Predict insights using behavioral and personality signals that improve your marketing and  more effectively engage your customers.

  • Acquire customers faster and retain them longer with powerful personalization
  • Get 1-2 months of additional revenue in the first 12 months of an optimized campaign 
  • Discover campaign strategies unique to your audience and brand 


Supercharge Account-Based Sales

The Wrench platform uses patent-pending AI to revolutionize onboarding, engagement, and retention. Leverage the power of your sales data to re-imagine how you sell.

  • Increase acquisition up to 10x over lists, and 3x over manual prospecting
  • Uncover high potential contacts with 183% greater accuracy than CRM lead scores
  • Improve SDR productivity 12.5-25%, at net zero cost



Streamline your product launch process for faster results

The Wrench platform combines your unique customer information with 3rd party public data to enrich your customer profiles, and deliver more accurate personas and segments. 

  • Increase revenue in the first 12 months with campaign recommendations and messaging “prescriptions” 
  • Boost sales efficiency by converting opportunities by 3x, and lowering churn 
  • Increase sales productivity 12.5-25%, without adding additional costs


110+ Data Integrations

Whether it’s CRM, eCommerce, behavioral analytics or a custom first party enterprise system, we can enrich and blend your data with B2B and third-party data that let’s you make more insights with less effort.

  • CRMs
  • Ecommerce
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Web traffic
  • Databases and more…


Wrench pricing is volume-based, segmentation, insights, data appending, and predictive analytics cost on average between $.03-$.06 cents per output.

Wrench can ingest data from CSV, S3, standard API, and custom API configurations.

No, Wrench users can always control the data they want to be enriched and processed and the frequency of reprocessing for updated insights.

Yes, speak with your sales rep for details.

Yes, our machine learning and AI are constantly being optimized while taking new data to maximize performance and accuracy.

Yes, Wrench powers and provides many business solutions and apps for their specific AI use cases.

Yes, the Wrench team is expert in unstructured and structured data processing.

Yes, while Wrench has many different standard and custom models for sales and marketing insights, the users choose from a long list of possibilities what information and insights they want to capture from Wrench.

Once Users log in, submit their payment methods, and upload their data, they can start to get insights within hours.

Very few, mostly administrative level technology proficiency. The Wrench platform is so advanced, that data scientists are not required to use it.  There is some setup configuration to create a lead score for your specific product or brand that you will need to provide a brief description for either. Wrench provides easy-to-follow custom API instructions or one-click integrations for our standard CRM integrations. All of which our customer success team can walk you through during your optional launch package.



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