Take the guesswork out of creative that converts

Introducing Serendipity, our patented Creative AI Assistant that revolutionizes digital ads and campaigns:

  • Optimize your brand with market-ready ad concepts tailored to your audience
  • Minimize in-market testing risks and enhance message resonance.
  • Get automated, detailed recommendations to refine ad composition and brand alignment

Generate Optimized Ad & Campaign Concepts

Break down data silos and open up the “black box” to gain actionable insights across creative, brand, and analytics, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and optimization.

  • Understand the impact of adding and removing specific objects
  • Rank creative elements based on their presence, and impact on conversion
  • Remove the guesswork in understanding “what works”

Build & Protect Your Brand

Understand how your audience connects with your brand and leverage these insights to amplify campaign impact and foster brand resonance. Use data-driven recommendations to effectively communicate your brand messages across targeted persona segments while identifying and mitigating potential brand risks. 

Predict Campaign Optimizations

Leverage our predictive scoring to maximize ROI and fine-tune campaigns for your best-performing segments before launch.

Who is Serendipity Built for?

Creative & Design

Generate winning creative concepts to analyze historical creative performance and individually tune creative recommendations tailored to your audience.

Automate “gut checks” before publishing to get an insurance check on performance predictions; verify that you didn’t miss anything.

Innovate with intent and know what works and doesn’t so you can bend and break the rules – when and where it makes sense.

Brand and Product Owners

Build and protect your brand: Test and validate brand messages to understand how your audience connects with your brand and leverage these insights to amplify awareness and recall. 

Generate winning campaigns concepts: Identify and predict the elements that drive conversions and generate high-impact concepts tailored to your audience.

Innovate with intent: Generate and measure brand aggregate campaign messages and object inclusion, and impact across channels

The Wrench.ai analytics agent unifies siloed data to help businesses make more informed decisions.

Analytics Professionals

Optimize campaign performance for conversions: Use patented performance scoring to ensure your campaigns are optimized for in-market performance to maximize ROI before launching, and fine-tuned for your highest converting segments.

Combine first and third-party data: Combine cross-channel data sources and insights into the nonverbal and nonvisual insights that predict if campaigns perform or flounder.

Democratize your data and get out of the “black box”.

You're in Good Company

 Serendipity is a multimodal model that currently creates campaign and paid media creative, and is able to extend and adapt functionality into multiple media formats and source channels. We currently have native integrations to meta, hubspot, sales force, Instagram, with custom integrations upon request.

Yes. we can both ingest and create content in multiple languages, and have partners that are able to do last mile localization services as well.

If you’re a paid media team that’s leaning-in to AI, and looking. for some of the most advanced analytics to help you get there. We are your team. Your spend should be at or above fifteen thousand a month minimum. 

Some other roles and ideal case studies and applications are below. Our AI creative is uniquely suited to address the needs of enterprise organizations.

Org Profile

  • E-commerce companies with diverse product lines
  • B2B SaaS and technology firms
  • Consumer brands with segmented audiences

Roles and Stakeholders

  • Creative
  • Branding / Marketing
  • Analytics / Performance Marketing
  • Wrench AI Creative for Media Teams Has No Dependencies, Fewer Requirements for and shorter timeline to Insights and ROI

    • Darwin can’t easily switch between different conversions e.g. optimize for mid-funnel, CTR, other conversions

    • Darwin can’t run on historical data and requires that you launch new campaigns. Wrench can run using existing and historical creative and past campaign performance

    • Serendipity can generate example creative, demonstrate its refinement recommendations, and campaign concepts

  • Channels and Content Pipeline 

    • Wrench is capable of adding new mediums and new channels, and connecting them. E.g. salesforce to meta

    • Wrench insights work with lists, custom audiences, and down-to-1:1 messaging recommendations

    • Darwin’s composition insights aren’t dynamic or customizable e.g. assume there is only one good logo placement, etc.

  • Cross-Functionality

    • We offer separate recommendations for creative, brand, and campaign/analytics stakeholders

    • Share your config actress teams and channels e.g. PPC brand settings work for CRM, lead scoring, and Sales

    • Wrench can test and validate your custom requests in brand benefits, programs, features, custom objects

Our platform is highly flexible and can incorporate brand DNA products, copy content, spokespersons, job titles/roles, objects and more.

No. In all cases, we don’t think that personalized ai as an excuse to post and spam at scale. We streamline a message so that you can create more meaningful connections without the drudgery. In all cases, we suggest editing and checking final drafts before publishing. That said our number one focus is personalized and production-ready creative that needs as few revisions as possible.

 No. It definitely reduces their drudgery of the creative process and allows them to do more with less. Our feedback from creatives is that this acts as an insurance policy and helps them get to good faster, and then innovate smarter by using the Recommendations as just that. recommend. recommendations that can be accepted or rejected, so they can work fast, creatively, and comfortably knowing that they are building and composing with purpose.

Call your account manager, and let’s take a deeper dive and look. It’s not uncommon for seemingly contradictory recommendations to both be true at the same time. e.g., We have seen recommendations to have fewer people in the product shot while simultaneously recommending that people make eye contact. The net result was both true; fewer people actually perform better, but if people in the shot are a requirement, it’s better to include their faces and eye contact.

See how the Platform Works for You...

Wrench.ai uses predictive analytics to transform your customer data into actionable insights that provide deeper personalization and engagement to your campaigns.

“My company had been through several AI/ML contractors… All of those failed. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You can't do better than Wrench.AI”
Noah Goodrich
Data Architect and Dev Lead

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