Digital footprint

The combined data about users aggregated through passive and active data collection.
Examples of passive is measuring time on page, tracking a users mouse pointer in browser, how long they stay hovering over a specific product on a specific landing page. Active examples include responses to questions typed into a user’s account profile.

Dan Baird

Dan is an innovation strategist and product manager that has developed software, crowdfunding platforms, consumer products, and launch strategy for both startups and some of the U.S.'s favorite household names. His value is in generating unique solutions by combining the strategic thinking afforded by an MBA in Global Branding with the creativity and grit from years as a bootstrapped entrepreneur. Dan's best work at the front-end of any platform innovation: trend analysis, insights, ideation, prototype and launch. Specialties: crowdfunding, innovation, branding strategy, Ai marketing, product management, cross-functional project leadership

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