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“We've been through several AI/ML solutions… All of those failed. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. You can't do better than Wrench.AI”

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Churn Risk

AI Customer Segmentation

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Omni Channel Recommendations

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Whether it’s CRM, eCommerce, behavioral analytics or a custom first party enterprise system, Wrench.AI distills your complex user data into behavioral insights and relationship-building recommendations. We answer the questions: “Who” they are, “What” they care about, and “How” to serve them better. See what you’re actually capable of building. 

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Wrench.ai uses predictive analytics to transform your customer data into actionable insights that deepen relationships, and personalize your customer experiences.

“My company had been through several AI/ML contractors… All of those failed. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You can't do better than Wrench.AI”
Noah Goodrich
Data Architect and Dev Lead

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