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Wrench.AI distills your complex user data into behavioral insights and relationship-building recommendations. We answer the questions: “Who” they are, “What” they care about, and “How” to serve them better. 

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Lead Scores

Predicts purchase likelihood on a scale of 1-100

Campaign Recommendations

Shift resources to campaigns that need more help

Channel Recommendations

Meet Customers where they are


Customer profiles, segments, and decisioning

Lifetime Customer Value

Forecast total customer spending.


Ideal Rep and Customer assignments

AI Data Driven Personalized Behavioral Marketing Sales Recommendations

Thoughts, Articles, and Case Study Insights

The future of work is coming with autonomous SDRs, AI layoffs, and more.

2024 Predictions: What Lies Ahead for Automation, AI, & Your Professional Future

The year 2024 is just around the corner, and it’s bringing a tidal wave of changes that will reshape technology and work. At least that’s my hot take…and not everyone is going to agree with me (if so, I want to hear it!), especially on my predictions that AI is going to cause up to 40% of layoffs and the way companies market and sell is about to significantly change. Let’s break it down.

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An executive is reviewing a dashboard of an increase in leads due to smarter B2B demand gen tactics.

Key Strategies for Amplifying B2B Demand Generation

In the realm of B2B marketing, continuously refining demand generation strategies is necessary. Insight Partners’ July 2023 white paper, "B2B Demand Gen Benchmarks – Your Top 3 Questions Answered," yields valuable strategies for enhancing B2B marketing efforts. Here’s an overview of these key insights, distilled for practical application.

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Wrench.ai uses predictive analytics to transform your customer data into actionable insights that provide deeper personalization and engagement to your campaigns.

“My company had been through several AI/ML contractors… All of those failed. EVERY SINGLE ONE. You can't do better than Wrench.AI”
Noah Goodrich
Data Architect and Dev Lead

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