What is the “Adoption Curve”?

We categorize prospects into different segments, based on the likelihood of their interest in a new concept and technology. The size of each bubble reflects a predicted investment opportunity.

We recommend marketing campaign suggestions for each segment so that you can optimize engagement and conversion based on a segment’s profile. The reason for this is that your approach and top line messaging to someone who is an “Innovator” is highly likely to have professional expertise and insights, versus a “Late Adopter”, who is likely to be more price sensitive and risk averse and therefore less likely to engage in a beta you might offer.  

We will track the outputs of your campaigns and refresh your data so that you can track if any prospects move to a new stage of the curve, but more than likely, prospects will remain in the same segment.

Dan Baird

Dan is an innovation strategist and product manager that has developed software, crowdfunding platforms, consumer products, and launch strategy for both startups and some of the U.S.'s favorite household names. His value is in generating unique solutions by combining the strategic thinking afforded by an MBA in Global Branding with the creativity and grit from years as a bootstrapped entrepreneur. Dan's best work at the front-end of any platform innovation: trend analysis, insights, ideation, prototype and launch. Specialties: crowdfunding, innovation, branding strategy, Ai marketing, product management, cross-functional project leadership

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