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Cold calling and AI are a powerful combination

Cold Calling is Not Dead

At this time, while we’re all on limited contact with people, cold calls might be appreciated and come back in style, especially when it’s done right. Everyone’s craving contact — yes, even introverts. The cold call just has to be done right.

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AI can be biased, which is why it needs humans

Keeping the balance against AI biases

Algorithms are only as good as the humans who create them. And humans can try, but can’t prevent, having their own biases. AI develops its own, which can lead to wrong decisions that can be disastrous if the humans who make them rely solely on AI data and don’t balance the biases.

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Marketing and sales planning post COVID-19

Marketing & Sales Beyond the Pandemic 101: Keep Building

Crisis management is for achieving some modicum of stability amidst incredibly choppy waters. When it has no end in sight, adjusting replaces managing. We accept this new environment we need to work in (we have no choice), so we need to think about ways we can prepare to face it with competence now and later on.

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