How it works – Custom Scores

1. Discovery Session: A client uploads or provides  CRM access + API Key. We’ll ingest the data to make sure it meets the thresholds for generating lead scores and provide preliminary client fit scores in return. Usually 1-2 hours of meetings and a CRM review. Results are usually back within 1-3 business days

2. Segmentation and Event Ingestion.  We’ll upload a new metric “fit score” for your initial product while your primary data is ingested by the Ai/Data Scientists. The initial scores make it easy to prioritize marketing and sales outreach. You can stop there, or you can keep going for more intelligent scores. ~1 week

3. Small Scale Testing: In addition to the fit scores, we can upload persona segments and product adoption tags (early adopter versus a laggard, etc.) We can also provide personalized messaging recommendations that increase the likelihood of engaging and converting prospects, so clients have a blueprint for building specific A/B marketing campaigns to test.

4. Score and Feature Tuning: As results from A/B testing are generated, the fit and leard scores are refined and updated by the data science team, along with additional  Ai generated insights.5. Scale: Models love data. As more is generated, your prospects’ fit scores and insights will continue to be refined, optimizing the cost per acquisition to continuously improve ROI. This can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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