– It works in B2B.  exports / Api integrations contain p/person data, and Wrench focuses on “at work” data sources that fit B2B models nicely. It adds all the data you see in Demo charts and per person scores and persona labels for every product / category you add. 

– The channel outreach, persuasion angle, and product affinity scores are usually data points that aren’t captured by stuff like lead score or needs signals and should improve (without cannibalizing) p/call planning, # of communications per sale, account transfers to other SDRs, and contact recycling / cross sale opportunities.  

tradeoffs you should be aware of in b2b:

– ROI is dependent on number of prospects, price, LCV, and product portfolio. It isn’t for everyone in B2B.   

– We get hits on about 56% of your contacts out of-the-box, and some scores have a minimum data requirement before they’ll assign a label. Integrating with your CRM or data is what it takes to get above that. It’s an optional step, but we want to manage expectations.   In the event the hit rates need to be higher, we can provide custom integration services to connect your internal crm and conversion data to get a more hits / accuracy / scores.

Feel free to send your rep a sample CSV(s) of your custom data and we can estimate or export a mini case study to right-size your proposal. 

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