Pricing is combination of:

  1. Data prep & refinement (optional, billed hourly when needed).
  2. Number of monthly tracked contacts (cents per contact, per month).
  3. The combination of standard and custom models that we need to use to achieve clients’ goals.

Packages and Pricing:

  • “Out of the box” metrics: This tier requires little data prep to trial and set up. We only bill per contact tracked, so clients only pay for the data they consume. Clients may elect to set up a free account and integration with 500 free contacts as a test, prior to making a larger commitment.
  • Custom prescriptions: We work with a client to develop custom, product-specific metrics, such as lead scores that incorporate client data and require tuning and custom modeling to drive accuracy.
  • Professional services: We work with a client to develop a completely custom data integration; this type of project is appropriate if a client needs more than custom metrics.

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