Overview of Wrench Products

Wrench.Ai is a user engagement and people insights platform that empowers your entire organization to deliver meaningful personalization at scale, without compromising users’ trust. Wrench.Ai tools enable your team to automate hours of per person contact research in seconds, using deep learning to detect customer preferences and prescribe personalization strategies that increase engagement, drive conversions, and boost satisfaction rates in leading customer-centric enterprises.

We have three product categories:

  • “Out of the box” metrics, including persuasion angles, segmentations, and psychographic insights that help you understand your users’ behaviors, habits, and decisions.
  • Custom prescriptions that combine our proprietary deep learning with your CRM data to generate custom metrics, including lead scores, personalized product and messaging recommendations, campaign messaging, and A/B testing strategies.
  • Professional services that aid in delivering omnichannel insights, including integrating third party data sources, deduplication, and data engineering.

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